Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 95 - Yes, Still Alive (from September 11, 2017)


I am still alive and well. 


Here is a picture of me with a few missionaries that I love and cherish! Reunions! Don't be fooled by the fellow on the left; he has eyes normally. 

So in other news I've been quite busy. The pace and speed is primarily a good thing but man is it exhausting at times. I understand why this assistant to the president gig is only meant to last for a limited number of months. I must have spent more hours of the phone with assorted missionaries, French people, Pr√©sident Sorensen, etc... than I have over the rest of my cumulative years! The lack of Elder Hacker communication is due to that. We've only recently worked out a way to preserve and have our P-Day again. So now I can write a few thoughts, feelings, and updates. 

If the imminent end to my mission seems real to you I don't think I could describe the contrast between moments of lucid, sharp, and very tangible reality melded with a those of dreamy illusion of perpetuation. I'm not too big a fan of most of those feelings. Above all I'm just excited and blessed to have anytime left at all. I understand that there are other missions I've got to do elsewhere. 

Overall things are going really well! As a district we had 12 investigators at church this Sunday. We have a number of really really cool people who progress very seriously. In terms of missionary work things are swimming. In terms of missionaries-- we are nearing the crazy part of this transfer. Adventure awaits!


I ran into the Vandivers hours before their plane. I may have accidentally offered them a stay at our house if they road trip through Wyoming ever. Whoops :) 

Tell everybody I said hello back there!


PS. Barge coming through. 

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