Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 98 - Things are going quickly (from October 2, 2017)

I can't believe things have gone so quickly! Tomorrow I'll be presenting at a triple Zone Conference and giving my departing testimony. Which makes it all feel a little more real.

Online Proselyting is officially a thing. That's actually what the training I'm giving tomorrow will be on! Despite all the warnings of a loving father I finally have a Facebook. And I didn't even really want one. I show up as "Alex Hacke" though... Facebook accused me of making up my last name. C'est la vie eh? :) My first Facebook friend was and will always be Soeur Barnes. The other friends are just random French members and returned missionaries. I was astounded after just making my profile and inserting no information, Facebook was suggesting people I knew both from the University of Wyoming and people I've met here in France. I thought I had a small digital footprint. Crazy.

We will be in a trio for the last week of my mission most likely. Currently it's just me and Elder Silva carrying the weight of the world. And even then it's Jesus carrying most of it.

We've been super busy and we're about to move appartements! That's also pretty exciting! We just set a baptismal date with a French chap who will be baptized in two weeks. The rest of our investigators include a middle-aged single mother from the West Indies, a Japanese grandmother straight out of Japan, a family from the Ivory Coast, and a few others splashed here and there. Things are really going quite well! I love each one of those people like my family, and I know them better than my own niece and nephew. I'm excited to get to know those little tykes.


Missionaries at the Mission Leadership Meeting
Missionaries formerly from the Vannes zone jump for joy

With my former companion, Elder Cheshire

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