Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 99 - Changes are happening

Hello all,

So we had a rule change and now we can visit a select list of cultural sites in Paris, ainsi donc, I'll be exploring the Louvre this afternoon! How cool is that?? Mona Lisa Selfie as well as all the actually cool things to look at the Louvre.

The zone conference was actually a triple Zone Conference including the three zones from the Paris region. So half the mission or so. It was centered around an online proselyting training that we presented. There is a good amount of hype around the whole thing! It's probably no big suprise that a team of 18-20 year olds that compose the Lord's missionary force (who have previously spent a cumulative untold hours on Facebook posting unimportant things)  would be excited about the chance to use Facebook in the mission field.  We don't have too, too many investigators who are actually connected with Facebook so the utility of this is a little down right now.

Other news from this end? Zone Conference was really cool. Giving my farewell testimony was a harsh taste of reality mixed with a wonderful blessing to be able to testify. I was pleased to see the other missionaries from my MTC group (the Elders at least) who all happened to be there at the conference.

So, I've got a lot going on here and I'm honestly not very excited to come home yet. I've got about 3 weeks including 8 exchanges of normal missionary efforts left. We have a baptism this Saturday-- super exciting, right? We've consistently had 4-5 investigators at church for the last few weeks, all of whom progress, which is fantastic news. I'm excited for all that though at the same time I'm reasonably sad because I can see the end coming.  But I temper that with hope and optimism for the next leg of life.

Until next time,

Having dinner with Brother and Sister Barnes (mission office couple) and other missionaries

Reunited with the other two elders from my MTC group.  We're all that's left here (since the sisters are already home)

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