Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 91 - Amazing Guest Apearance from Elder Richards (from August 14, 2017)

[Alex didn't get the chance to send a regular email this week, so I'm taking the liberty of borrowing a story told by his companion, Elder Richards, which was posted online on Facebook because it is a really neat story.  So all of what follows below is Elder Richards' words--thanks to him for sharing this!!]

We had an awesome miracle right at the beginning of the week. We went to that family's, the Kokesha family, home and taught a lesson about prayer. We invited the middle child, about 8 years old, to say the prayer at the end. We asked him to pray so that we would be able to find an investigator we had found about six weeks ago. We hadn't been able to contact her since, but we had a good feeling about this evening. The young boy prayed, maybe not fully understanding the situation, but prayer with faith and when we went to find Clothilde, she was there and so happy to see us.

We also had the last exchange of my mission which was slightly crazy. It was really good though. It took place over two days, which is unusual, but was interesting. The first day, one of the elders who I was with who speaks Spanish made the goal to find a Spanish speaker. He did not tell us, however, that he was carrying a Book of Mormon in Spanish that he planned to give away. We were getting near the end of
the day and were actually carrying suitcases for another elder to our apartment (sorry you have to follow this weird story). My companion, Elder Hacker, who is sick and was even more sick on that day, but none the less diligent, stopped a man. When he explained after why he had stopped him, he said that it was because he just envisioned him walking towards us in white. This man was Catalan and did not speak very much French. Elder Dorado was able to speak with him and give him the Book of Mormon. I got to testify using my very limited Spanish. It was a really cool experience that showed me that God really does make miracles happen thanks to little efforts made by many.

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