Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 86 - Avoidably Okay Week (Week I'm Actually Not Sure If I Want to Count Anymore (from July 10, 2017)

Howdy y'all!

Feeding stereotypes! There were no other options left I swear!
Introductions are getting hard.

The word for 'cymbal noise' that everyone has heard and kind of knows
is 'rimshot'. Thanks to a certain Gregory Hacker (35 [approximately])
for sending in his response! Other received answers include 'crash'
and 'tsphhhh'.

So no 1st person in the email. This was an okay week here in France.
How was your week though?? What did you actually get up to? What was
the highlight of the week? How many dates/business trips/chess matches
did you go to? For one of you all three of those might have been the
same outing! Go ahead and tell each other about all those things. It
has been the author's experience (and that's not cheating for anyone
who's raising their hands to object) that this week involved too much
1st person and that's largely the reason it might not have been the
best of weeks. Words were often heard but maybe listened to a little
less. Problems piled up but other people's piles were just as high if
not higher. You probably lived some really fun experience this week.
You might have had a pretty high pile of things to take care of too!

Unselfish service is without a doubt the greatest bringer of happiness
around. The greatest distraction from things that aren't going well.
The greatest uniter of families and feuding factions (from silly high
school couples to rival feudal villages. Egocentricity only works for
babies. And even then it's not the cutest gimmick babies have.
Chubbiness and a failure to pronounce words are much more endearing.
What does unselfish service like?... Hmm... Waiting for the 'thank
you' to come after but not feeling disappointed when it doesn't?
That's not the worst definition. Scraping off the ice of your
neighbors car? Giving your mom more hugs? Saying I'm sorry more?
Talking to people that matter about things that matter even though it
might not be the most fun subject? Who's to say.?

The email summarizes itself in a few succinct lines:
1) If you want to be happy, it's as simple enough to care about the
happiness of others!
2) If you want to be happier, think a little less about yourself and a
little more about others!
3) Don't be lame!

Have a great week everyone!

Get a long little doggies! (Guessing that means bye)

-Elder Alex Hacker
Brighten your day.

The Triumverate on exchanges with another companionship

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