Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 90 - Short Important Update (from August 7, 2017)


I don't have much to tell you guys. However, I've learned two words
this week that I wanted to share.

La Narine=Nostril

I learned this word because I was sick and we went over to visit the
sweetest African lady who made us spicy food. Spicy food made my nose
all sniffly. Sniffling inspired this angel of a woman to go search
some mysterious cream that she really insisted I put in my nose. So
out of politeness I obliged. VoilĂ . La Narine=Nostril.


It was a trick. I haven't been able to find the word. I did find my
first French tumbleweed however. See picture:

Paris Zone conference.  I'm in the back, to the left of the archway

[Bonus from an email to Alex's parents]

Life is going well! Sometimes fast and sometimes slower! Overall I'm really happy and excited and adjusted to things!... time for more adjustment though. This week we're helping with work on transfers and the whole thing is really complicated. We've got an eighth of the mission going home and a smaller number of people coming in... which means closing down companionships :(

View from our car while driving through the rolling French hills

On another exchange

A man I taught while I was in Vannes was baptized :)
Another man I taught in Vannes was baptized :)

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