Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 49 - Thoughts on getting older...and macaroons

Hello All,

Just a short message this week.  Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday.  Yes, today (October 24) is the big day and I've turned 21.  I still feel young, though slightly taller as of late. These last few years slipped away so quickly! I'm still trying to hold onto them weave them into something palpable, comprehensible, and useful but they seem to fall between my fingers! I'm growing up too fast! I'm not old yet! Surely it most slow down.?

As I think about how I am approaching this point in my life and my mission (next month will be 1/2 way), I sometimes think about how I have been gathering some of the greatest and most important memories of my life, I think. Such incredible souvenirs shoved in the folds of my suitcases and the fleshier folds of my brain. Missionaries give years of service and it feels like we get lifetimes of stuff in return. We are already forever grateful for the gospel and He only adds more on.

I am sticking around another 6 weeks in Dunkerque! It is very unlikely I will stay any more after so now there is an ultimatum of departure looming. Our district didn't really change much at all save one elder who is leaving is. Unexpectedly Elder Currie is taking off. He was one of my favorites. We got along flawlessly and it is a bit of a bummer. He was from New England and said goofy New England things. 

Mom and Dad, I did get the package. And I really enjoyed the crazy wrapping paper (see below for my favorite weird things on the paper).  Thanks for being so thoughtful.  And thanks to all who sent cards or messages or just thought good things about me.

Until Next Week,

Elder Hacker

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