Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 48 - The Other Side of Pocket Change

(From the Week of October 17. 2016)

Yooooo! What's up my phat dawgs!? 

Our daring heroes found themselves trapped this week! The university is situated on a wee little island actually. Island probably gives a more dramatic and exciting image that the reality, but that was done intentionally! In effect two drawbridges were up for about 40 minutes letting a tourist filled boat-- it is a wonder she stayed afloat with all the heavy Americans on board-- trawl at half a turtle's pace below. So we were stuck. And all the students were actually in class. An old fellow was pushing his bike along. And we had something to tell that man about. We had a message to share! I hope we all have enough direction in our life that we think we have something to tell others. Not necessarily a message to share but at least something to talk about! Though we had something to tell this guy. And so we go and start talking to him. The first thing he says is that he is really happy we started talking to him. He was lonely. So we told him he didn't need to be alone. He had never had anyone be nice to him. So we were very happy to be the first. He thanked us profusely. So profusely. He said he wanted to cry. And then we did a bit. 

In America you're walking down the street with for coins in your pocket and suddenly you see food to buy! Oh no! Unfortunately the maximum amount of money you could have is one dollar! But here in Europe those four coins could be up to eight euros! My change spending habits have changed dramatically over the months. In America it would just collect in a jar until the friendly coin counting machine would give its two cents. Now it is totally different. Pocket change is useful... and so so so likely to be spent. It is easier to impulse purchase pastries or fruit or whatever it is with these 2 dollar coins. Carrying coins is a much bigger deal! Personally and on a cultural level. The coin purse industry is consequently booming in Europe. They funded this email. Sponsor.

More crying this week! We have a buddy named Mike. Mike got a little lost in his life and found his life considerably far from what his vision was. He had changed his hopes, values, dreams in function of his environment. He forget who he was and what he wanted to be I guess you could say. I he really wanted to come back. To find himself, his God, his friends, his dreams again. And he had a lot of difficulty doing so. While sitting in church this Sunday a timid knock at the door sounded. Lo and behold it was Mike. I went to let him in full of emotion. I was so happy this man made it to church. Not because the building is magic, or because his life was about to change immediately, or because he was following what I think is the best way to be happy. It was what it represented to him. He was on the way home! He was doing what he wanted to do! He had finally put on the breaks enough to turn round! And oh how we both were pretty teary.

The view from our apartment

How are you all doing though? Your lives and anecdotes are just as important as mine! Tell me of your loves and weeks and lives! Remember to floss, though don't make your gums bleed.

With love as deep and red as those bleeding gums just mentioned,

Elder Alex Hacker.

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