Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 23 - A Quick Message, Jello, and meeting Todd

Hello all!

It's a crazy busy day and I only have time for a quick email answering some questions I was sent.

Our American food activity went really well!  It was just this past Saturday (the 23rd).  We had to explain that it was not the 4th of July, but just an American themed activity several times.  It was a little cold and these people did not know how to barbecue for the life of them (I guess that's not a skill developed much over here), but was a great time. Members brought friends, investigators came, less actives came too. They liked the burgers and enjoyed the hot dogs too. They were absolutely fascinated by the Jello we had there. They were all hesitant to try it at first but ended up really liking it.

I have continued to have have fun and interesting meals over here.  Recently I had salad, bread, and various fish purees with the Branch President while on exchanges in Cherbourg. And I also got to eat some tasty duck legs with a family here in Caen.

[Explaining why his parents got a text and picture of him from an unknown person named Todd] While we were preparing for the American day activity, Todd, who was an American tourist and his young son show up at the church. They were visiting the beaches here in Normandy and they wanted to stop by and see what the church looked like. By pure chance we happened to be there. We gave them a Book of Mormon in French and spent some time chatting while we prepared for the barbecue. It was nice and they were super excited to find some English speakers.

Todd's Message with this picure: Hey Hacker family.  I'm traveling France and saw your son.  He's doing great!
I'll write more next week.


Elder Hacker

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