Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 83 - Very Sorry


I'm alive and well! I'm not very free to write much here though. Next
week will be really good though if only for the title. Mostly for the
title. You can actually just read the subject line next week and get
the best part of the email.

I'm moving! Surprise! This is as surprising as when Mom announced she
was pregnant at family council about 9 years ago. Shout out to Risto
for being born. Hence the lack of time for I must pack. For all of you
who were about to send numerous letters of support and sentiment maybe
wait a week so you'll have the new address.

I wanted to really quickly say a few words too. All the humour and
fluff and everything else cut aside. I just wanted to say quickly,
"Don't give up on stuff." That same message found on cat posters and
fortune cookies and in the Bible. I'm kinda far displaced from most of
you, I'm not sure what's going on too much, but I just wanted to share
that message. Whatever's going on, giving up on things/people you care
about is likely the worst choice. Whatever deserts, spiritual,
emotional, or literal for those friends I have in the Sahara, you're
walking through... just keep walking. Keep doing good things and your
studies and taking care of your kids. Thank you for doing those
things. Keep fighting off bad things and bad influences. I wouldn't
ask you to do something I don't think you can do... so take that as a
vote of confidence. I absolutely believe you can do it! Whatever it
is! ~16 months ago I was about to give up. I was about to give up this
grand French adventure. I held the towel ready to throw it in. Maybe
nervous sweat kept it stuck to my hand? It was hard and I couldn't see
far ahead in the darkness and I just wanted to turn around. And I'm
going to tell you now, I almost threw away everything. I almost threw
away a plethora of priceless friendships. I almost threw away all the
personal growth. I almost threw away all the fun I've had. I almost
threw away the greatest gift of all because the wrapping paper was
really quite ugly and hard to bear. I couldn't stand to watch anyone
make that same mistake. So Don't. Give. Up. :) On anything.


Parent's note: Alex didn't give much detail on his sudden move, but he did tell us that he is going to be working in the Versailles area and is in a companionship for the moment with two other elders.

The next day, a nice stranger texted us this picture and said she had run into these three elders on the temple grounds.

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