Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 43 - Translated from the French

[Note, this week's blog entry came to us in entirely in French for technical reasons explained below, so any translation errors can be blamed on Google Translate and/or the limitations of family members with rusty French language skills]

Hello!  Good luck with this email. I hope your reading will not be too difficult.  I've had a problem with my tablet and don't have it to use to write email until Wednesday.  So I'm using a member's tablet which has a keyboard in French and also autocorrects everything I try to write in English into French---so I won't be able to finish this unless I just actually write in French.  

I should have my tablet problem fixed on Wednesday when I go to Paris....and I'm going there because I am going to be training a "blue" (i.e. new missionary).  Yes, as we say it in mission language, I'm going to soon be giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I'll go to Paris, spend the evening, and the next day get to find out who my new companion will be.  I will miss my current companion.  He's going to Belfort, and I'm sad to see him go.  But I am also excited about the change and new opportunity!

 Because my companion is leaving, we made sure to get out and see all of our amis this past week. They are great, but each one of them seems to have one particular different thing that is an obstacle for each of them in progressing.  So we will keep working with them hard.  The process of conversion is sure not always a piece of cake!  

Next week I will have a lot to share! See you next Monday!

Elder Alex Hacker

Alex and his new companion Elder Arnell
(photo courtesy of the Mission Facebook page)

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