Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 40 - Mussels and Fries

Sorry for the missed emailing last week.  I am still doing quite well here in Dunkerque. I am very happy and have had the chance to have some fun these last few P-days. We have been up to Calais where we spent the day with the Elders there. We went to the largest aquarium in Europe! That was pretty cool! It was quite the thing. It is also the first city where missionary work was done here in France. It is quite a pretty city. We got the chance to eat some moules Frittes which is a Northern dish with mussels and fries served together. It tastes pretty wonderful! It has been nice to enjoy fresh seafood being a bit closer to the ocean than I was before (in Wyoming).

My delicious bowl of mussels (bowl of fries can be seen off to the right)

My companion and I are doing quite well and have become great friends. Dunkerque can be a patience trying place at times because the finding of people who are interested is rough.  But we have learned to adapt.   The Branch is doing well and is really getting excited about missionary work. For the first time in several months we got someone to come to church and that has helped get the Branch excited again. We have visited each of the members and made a personal family missionary plan and we have an activity once a month or so. Currently we have 3 solid Amis we are teaching and continue our finding efforts for more people willing to listen.
Elder Shenkle and I sitting on a seal (statute).

I want to remind everyone that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them, and no matter what trials we face or difficulties we have in our day or our life, He is there to bless and protect and strengthen us.  And that we all have a Brother named Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for all of us and whose Atonement for our sins blesses us all.  

Elder Alex Hacker

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