Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 5 - Hydroplaning Elders, Lots of French, and Christmas

Hello World! I hope that everything is well."I hope that Star Wars VII lived up to your expectations!" He said without a trace of envy or bitterness in this voice!

This is the second to last time I'll be emailing you from the MTC. It'll be different after that. The emails will smell of cheese and be generally snootier. Look forward to that. In seriousness, the days are counting down and I'm both wildly enthused and anxious. I am grateful for the chance I've had to be here and all the people who have lent me support while I'm here. I am grateful for all the people (read as: all of you) who have played a role in my life before this that have led me to this point!

The universe breathed a great sigh of cosmic satisfaction this week. I, Elder Hacker-- (ironically) note the last name, was called as the zone Internet Coordinator. Which is a glorified way of saying I help the new ones learn how to use a computer. 

We've had a bit of snow recently. Gym floors are slick. During our gym time the frequency of Elders hydroplaning has jumped from zero to one. Poor Elder Anonymous was running to retrieve the stray ball, at full speed, to stop it from bouncing into any one else's space. In a glorious slide that lasted a good 6 seconds he lost control and found himself firmly on the earth God has so lovingly created. 

We had an activity about Jacob 5 earlier this week. The second counselor in the branch presidency makes his own blends of grape juice. They were remarkable. His name is Brother Markam. That was almost a pun

The grape juice that the counselor in the branch presidency shared with the missionaries.
Having some fun with the grape juice

There's been a lot of awesome experiences this week with the language. I had the chance to bless the sacrament this Sunday in French. The feeling was overwhelming. To imagine that I'd be sharing this with the people in France shortly moved me very deeply. The opportunity to feel the love and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ transcend language was something else. Additionally I had the chance to give a blessing in French. That was equally astounding. It was simple, to help someone be able to quit smoking and feel that she is loved by God, but it was a very spiritual experience.

Elder Dunoskovic got a nerf gun. We used our whole evening free time trying to catch the bullet out of the air. 

This week, while reading in Moroni 7, we were talking about charity and the sources of love. At length, I learned that in many ways, Charity is the opposite of pride. Typically, and according to a dictionary, I think a person would say that humility is the opposite of pride. Charity, the pure love of Jesus Christ, the love mother's feel for their children, the love of people you have never met, the love of turning outward... leaves no room for being selfish. It leaves no room for being prideful. Pursuing the best for others not only finds you the best also, but also leaves one humble. The challenge is to turn moments of charity-- like an act of service, into a lifestyle of charity. A lifestyle of love that cares not for any gender, race, differences, differing opinions, or how annoying the other person is. When you lose yourself in other people, you find yourself. And there is no greater example of love than that of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ loves you. He knows exactly what your feeling. This Christmas, if you would read in Luke Chapter 2, the story of the birth of the Savoir. And meditate in your heart and your mind what that means for you. And if you aren't sure what that means to you to pray to know what it means for you. Ask what the Savoir has done for you. Ask if he loves you. Pray with a real desire to know more. Pray with faith-- even just a desire to believe-- to learn and grow.

Christmas lights at the MTC

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